Lok lak is so popular in Cambodia that you could think it is originally from there, but it actually comes from Vietnam, where it is called bò lúc lắc. Bò means “beef” and lúc lắc means “stir” or “shake”. This term evokes the movement of the diced meat in the wok.

Lok lak or loc lac (ឡុកឡាក់) appears on the menu of most restaurants in Cambodia but also abroad. It is indeed a dish that delights the palate of Westerners and has therefore exported very well.
It consists in beef cut into pieces, marinated and then sautéed in a wok before being served on a bed of green salad with slices of tomatoes and cucumber that bring freshness to the dish.

It is accompanied by rice as well as a lime and black pepper sauce in which the meat can be dipped before eating.
Sometimes, the beef was accompanied by fries, for a very French variant but it is rather rice that was served, with tomato and onions rather than plain.

It is also quite possible to cook lok lak with chicken, pork, or shrimp but the traditional version is definitely prepared with beef.

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